Welcome to our Careers and World of Work Pages

Welcome to our Careers and World of Work Pages


Careers Team


Assistant Head Teacher responsible for Careers: Jill Heales

Careers Lead: John Goodyear

Careers Officer: Ruth Turner

Here at The Langley Academy we organise a variety of careers and world of work related learning events throughout the year, including work experience, visits to local companies, careers fairs, guest speakers, workshops and enterprise activities. Our careers education programme is inclusive of all students in all year groups and details of our policy and lesson plans can be found below.




Careers Resources

We have a Careers Area with resources for all students to access at any-time, this is located just off the atrium in front of the Library. Students have access to an external Careers Advisor from ‘Adviza’ as well as drop in sessions and 1-2-1 meetings with the Academy’s Careers Officers.



Careers News

The 8 Gatsby Benchmarks for Careers Education

The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges. The government Careers Strategy is built around the benchmarks and all schools are now measured against them for their careers education provision with the intention of all schools and colleges meeting all 8 benchmarks by the end of 2020.  This is very much a work in progress, so how are we at The Langley Academy meeting the assessment areas so far?

Benchmark 1 – A stable Careers Programme ... 88%

Benchmark 2 – Learning from career and labour market information … 20%

Benchmark 3 – Addressing the needs of each pupil … 72%

Benchmark 4 – Linking curriculum learning to careers … 43%

Benchmark 5 – Encounters with employers and employees …100%

Benchmark 6 – Experiences of workplaces … 100%

Benchmark 7 – Encounters with further and higher education … 70%

Benchmark 8 – Personal Guidance ... 87%



We are currently updating our Careers Pages, please send any comments or suggestions to ruth.turner@langleyacademy.org.


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