A museum learning development project supporting collaborations between 12 secondary schools and 11 museums

Led by The Langley Academy in partnership with the River & Rowing Museum

Strong TogetherProjects

Welcome to the website of the Stronger Together project

The project ran between May 2014 and May 2015. At its core were 30 bursaries enabling teachers and museum professionals to work together to design, deliver and evaluate curriculum-based museum learning projects.

We also commissioned three pieces of research into current issues and held two Museum Learning Conferences to share our work.

King’s College London evaluated the overall project and reported significant positive impact on Champions’ professional practice, students’ learning and the participating organisations.

“This has been one of my favourite experiences in teaching so far. It has expanded my enjoyment of teaching and shown me the importance of both cross-curricular projects and museum learning.”
Mark Blackford, ICT Teacher, The Langley Academy

On this site you can:

  • Learn about the 11 partnership projects that took place between schools and museums across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire as part of the Stronger Together project
  • Read our research into Digital Technology, the impact of the new National Curriculum and Internationalism
  • Discover the findings of our project evaluation conducted by King’s College London on the impact of museum learning partnership work
  • Find out about the annual Museum Learning Conference held at The Langley Academy
  • Find useful tips about starting and running your own partnership project with a school or a museum

More films of participants are available here.

What do we mean by museum learning?

Museum learning means how we use real things, real stories and real people to inspire teaching and learning.

The Langley Academy is the only museum learning school in the country. Our core partner museums are the River & Rowing Museum, The V&A Museum, Reading University Museums and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Together we have pioneered moving beyond a ‘vendor’ model of education to a partnership model where museum learning projects are created together and involve using collections to inspire learning in school, at the museum and beyond.