The Modern Foreign Languages Faculty at The Langley Academy believes that language learning is a life long skill. We are not just aiming to develop students into proficient linguists, but also into individuals who can look beyond the garden gate and demonstrate a cultural knowledge and understanding of the countries where the language they learn is spoken. We teach creatively and interactively and provide the students with opportunities to experience the language they study as both Languages are taught by native speakers and visits to France and Spain are organised each year, alternatively.

Learning Spanish OR French is compulsory at KS3, optional at KS4 and can only be studied at KS5, if studied at KS4.

The world is full of languages!!

How far do you have to go from your front door to know that this is true?

Not only does learning a foreign language will improve your overall literacy, it will also broadens your horizons and open your mind to a world of opportunities that were once strange, distant and yes, foreign! Skills developed by learning a language can be applied to a variety of jobs across sectors. Examples include Events Managers, Managing Directors, Project Managers and Translators, Corporate Bankers, Human Rights Educators, Museum and Art Gallery Grant Managers, Marketing and Communications Managers and much more. These are all skills that are also highly sought-after by employers.

In order to ensure your success, the MFL team will help you

Develop strong communication skills (express yourself, voice your opinion, build relationships…)

Have an awareness and understanding of other languages and cultures and remain open minded,

Become curious, be ambitious, grow in confidence, practise tolerance and compassion.