Curriculum Map - DT Part 1

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Design and Technology

Compulsory at Key Stage 3 (KS3), Design and Technology is offered to students as an option for both GCSE and A-Level. In KS3 pupils undertake six units of work over two years.  They included one Fashion and Textiles unit, one Hospitality and Catering unit, two Multi-Materials units and two Visual Communication units. An attempt to design a curriculum which reflects the GCSE and GCE Design and Technology curriculum has been schemed, for example, 50% theory and 50% practical.

At GCSE all pupils studying this work towards their NEA (Non-Exam Assessment) which is released on the 1st June, each year.  There is also one lesson a fortnight dedicated to a theory lesson and consistent assessment throughout the qualification.

At GCE all pupils learn a broad range of materials, manufacturing processes and design theories. This is topped-up with external visits to museums and exhibitions, to expand their minds in the design field.