The curriculum provides opportunities for students to experience a wide range of reading materials and to write in a variety of styles for a variety of audiences.

There is a focus on SPaG and this is supported through our assessment model – all assessed work is marked using the Literacy Marking Code and students fully understand this.

The curriculum builds on the knowledge and skills that pupils acquire at key stage 3 and aims to challenge students of all abilities

The curriculum embraces the Museum Learning ethos within the school and students have opportunities for extra-curricular activities to support their learning

The curriculum promotes SMSC and this lends itself naturally to opportunities for speaking and listening

Assessment model continuing to be developed from KS3-KS5 in English in light of government changes to ‘Life without Levels.’

Accelerated Reader used as a tool to support and develop students love for reading.

‘English at The Langley Academy aims to inspire excellence in all we do. It should maximise the potential of all our students, but should go beyond just this. Students should leave at the end of KS5 English with a love of learning, writing and reading inside and outside of the classroom.’

We have developed an through curriculum using key assessment objectives for English and English Literature.

These skills support our students in the next step of their life: whether university, apprenticeships or entry into their future careers.