We embed our vision in the principles of developing students into skilled scientist, and with the use of mathematical and literacy skills, our students are driven to create and carrying out their own scientific investigation and analysis. Practical discovery is at the heart of everything we do in science.


Science - Curriculum Map

Curiosity, exploration and discovery are the pillars of science at the Langley Academy. Our vision is to provide all students with a wide and engaging experience in science, and encourage them to see their world through curious, unfiltered eyes. We strive to give our young people the skills, and tools to take on the challenges of life with a clear, informed and calculated approach.

Our curriculum is based on giving students the opportunity to explore the fundamental concepts for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, fundamentals which they will build on across all key stages and enable them to have access to wide range of career fields in adulthood.


For those of who want to explore science more outside the classroom, we offer plenty of opportunities to do so – students can join our science enrichment clubs and carry out supercharged science experiments, or become a STEM ambassador and design projects around industry – competing with other schools across the United Kingdom.