For Students

Don't touch?

At The Langley Academy you can sit in a lesson and hold a piece of history. It might be a flint axe head, smooth like glass under your fingers, from 12000 years ago. It might be some First World War  trench art, made by a soldier not much older than you. Was he thinking about the bullets of the Front Line while he made it? You might even get to hold the FA cup and think about the champions who have held it before you.


There are some things you will get to see, but cant touch: David Beckhams football boots, beautiful ceramics from Persia, as bright as they were 400 years ago or perhaps one of the first Christmas cards ever sent.

Quiet in the Museum?

You will take part in some very noisy Museum Learning activities. An assault course, an explosive Tudor style cannon, bridge building like Leonardo da Vinci, urban dance with the Black Dance Archives, debating at Windsor Guildhall,  students enjoy all these things at the Academy.

There are some Museum Learning activities when you can hear a pin drop: our Holocaust survivor visit, our assembly commemorating the start of the First World War.


Above all, wherever we go and whatever we do, it is about students expressing your own opinions and ideas.

In school

Museum Learning isnt a separate subject here. You may not always notice you are doing it, but we run Museum Learning activities all across the school. You make a museum app in Computing, try on armour in French, turn your classroom into a novel for English, hold a blood diamond in Geography, or a crossbow in Maths, perform a promenade show for Drama inspired by a museum story. Ideas and projects are everywhere.

Out and about

As a student at a Museum Learning school you will naturally go on a lot of school trips.


Some of our favourite places are:

Think in/outside the box

In the centre of the Academy are our museum cases. Your own work could be displayed here,  or you may find yourself managing one of our exhibitions. Here are some recent examples where students have taken a lead: 

  • Time Tunnel: Go through time from 65 million years ago to the present day.
  • Make the Engines Roar The hidden history of Langleys aircraft factory in the Second World War.
  • Not just a pretty face!  AS art self-portraiture exhibition, what are they really thinking?

Take part

  • Museum Club

    You can join Museum Club during Enrichment time on a Wednesday afternoon, from 14:00 – 14:50. Led by Megan Barker our Museum Learning Officer, the club members go on extra visits, take part in projects and create their own exhibitions. Find out more here.

  • Museum Council

  • Do you want to have a say in how Museum Learning works at The Langley Academy? Join Museum Council and take part. Find out more here.


"As a member for over three years I ve been part of selecting the objects on display in our school.
I love going on trips and outings."


"I like Museum Council because I like working as a team on new projects. It is a great experience." (Georgina)

Students say:

“The best thing is when you go on trips and bring it back and share ideas.” (Amrit)

“I liked being involved in an exhibition all about me!” (Jordan)

“The Story Museum project was really interactive. I liked helping the year 7s with their story.” (Nicole)

“I liked planning the Paul Nash exhibition. It was great working as part of a team on a big project.” (Cara)

“l loved the assault course for the World War One project. Also anything with the River & Rowing Museum.” (Liam)

“Making cases for the Shakespeare exhibition was great. I liked making the potions glitter.” (Maarukh)