Museum Council

Museum Council

Museum Council is a student-led group that advisors the Museum Learning team and helps them to make decisions about exhibitions, projects and trips.  The students in Museum Council provide a student voice about Museum Learning.
The group meets every Wednesday lunchtime to discuss upcoming Museum Learning related activities.  Being part of the Museum Council develops the student’s presentation and communication skills as well as increasing their confidence.
“I now enjoy taking people on tours of the exhibitions and showing them what we have worked on.  The skills I have learnt through doing Museum Council projects has helped me with my subjects” (Zuzanna)


Get involved

If you’re a museum and you would like to speak to Museum Council please email
If you’re a student at The Langley Academy and would like to join Museum Council or suggest something to Museum Council, please see Miss Barker or Ms Blay

If you are a student at Parlaunt Park Primary Academy or The Langley Academy Primary, please talk to your teacher about ideas for Museum Learning. We would love to meet you for a chat.

Museum Enrichment Club

Visiting museums, curating exhibitions and playing museum games are just some of the things that you can do in Museum Club.
Museum Club runs every Wednesday and is open to all in the Academy.  Museum Club gives students the opportunity to curate exhibitions, visit museums and learn more about museum objects.
Museum Club have been involved in some excellent exhibitions and projects.  Students project manage their own work, coming up with ideas and developing projects.

Project examples:

  • Paul Nash Projects

    Students from Year 8 & 10 worked with Slough Museum to create an exhibition to celebrate the local war artist Paul Nash.  Paul Nash was brought up near Langley and is buried in the St Mary’s churchyard, opposite the school.  As there were very few objects to use in an exhibition, the students had to think outside the box about how they could tell Paul Nash’s story.  The end result was a wonderful replica trench and interpretation which was displayed in the school museum area and also in Slough Museum.


Daniel from Museum Council says: “We always have fun.  We have loads of freedom to express our imagination.  We visit exhibitions and go to museums like Ure Museum and the Natural History Museum.  This offers a great experience of getting to know people in a variety of years.”

Projects, Consultation and      Curating

Students in Museum Council have been involved in a variety of projects and have acted as consultants for many museums. 
Read about some of the work that Museum Council are involved with.


  • V&A Not Made in China Exhibition

    Students from Museum Council played an important role during the curation of the Not Made in China exhibition which was on loan from the V&A.  Council members visited the V&A to choose objects that they wanted to see on display.  They worked with curators at the V&A to research the objects and to write engaging labels that students would be interested to read.

“The Not Made in China exhibition was something that we helped with from start to end.  We visited the museum to choose the objects then wrote labels about each one.  We even gave tours of the exhibition to local primary schools and House Tutor Groups within the Academy.  It was a really interesting project and a good opportunity” (Maarukh)


  • The British Postal Museum and Archive Consultation

    Members of the Education Team from the British Postal Museum and Archive worked with the Museum Council students to showcase plans for a new museum.  The team tested out ideas on the council and gained feedback about interpretation, interactives and layout.

It was nice to know that museums valued our opinion and wanted to listen to what we thought of their ideas.  We are looking forward to visiting the museum and seeing our ideas in reality. (Amrit)


  • The Story Museum Project

    Museum Council helped to lead a Year 7 Literacy project in partnership with The Story Museum in Oxford.  The Council visited the museum to get ideas for a project and to learn more about the museum.  They then worked with the English Faculty to support Year 7 in a curation project based around novels.  The Students helped the Years 7s to record a sound post for each museum case.

“I really enjoyed helping to design a museum project for students at the school” (Leah)

Object of the month

Each month we like to choose an object that we are particularly interested in.


This month we have chosen:
A Scarab beetle from Egypt
It is made from wood and dates from around 672BC.  You can see this object at Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology at the University of Reading.