Past Exhibitions

Food for Life - (SEPTEMBER 2016)

Our Food for Life exhibition explored food around the world during Internationalism term and focused on calorie intake and life expectancy in six countries; Italy, South Africa, Japan, India, France and the UK.

Year 7 learned that using chopsticks can be difficult, especially as you use over 30 joints and 50 muscles in the fingers, wrist, arm, and shoulder when eating with chopsticks. Business students in years 9 and 10 explored packaging design, product display and enjoyed looking for hidden messages in logos, while year 7 and 8 designed their own packaging.


For Internationalism week, we focused on an additional country, Madagascar. Students from Years 7-11 identified Madagascan animals and were surprised to learn that vanilla grown in Madagascar is used in lots of products like coke, chocolate, hair products, medicines, paint and even car tyres.

LET'S FACE It - (April 2016)

Bored, tangled, twisted?

Urban, connected, modern?
What is the real you?


Not an easy question, but one faced here by 9 talented young artists.
Alia, Liveta, Hannah, Khadiza, Kirsty, Krishan, Qasim, Sana and Simran have taken over the museum.

The objects, labels and artwork all tell their stories. But be careful. They may be playing games.


What is real and what is not?

As Kirsty says, “I can control your gaze.”

Life is Cheep - (MARCH 2016)


Ten eggs …. how many will hatch?


It takes 21 days for the chicks to form and grow inside the eggs.  Around the 20th day the chick starts to breath. Sometimes you can even hear them cheeping from inside the egg.  Once hatched they spend a lot of time drinking, eating or snuggled up together asleep. They soon grow into much bigger chickens.


Comic book geeks
      (January – March 2016)



Are comics just for geeks? Whether you are a fan or have never picked up a comic you are sure to recognise these heroes. Explore the cases to see how two big brands, Marvel and DC have taken over popular culture.

But look further and you will be surprised at what comics offer.  Illustrations that draw you in, graphic novels that stretch your mind. Comics show the world through a different lens. What will you read next?


      (November – December 2015)


Magna Carta: 5 miles away. 800 years ago.

In 1215 King John agreed that he had to follow rules, including the right to a fair trial. The Magna Carta has influenced democracy in the UK and across the world.  In this exhibition you can find out more about campaigns for democracy and freedom through time.

Find out:

  • What convinced 1.5 million people sign anti-slavery petitions between 1787 and 1792?
  • Why are we showing you pamphlets that were illegal in school before 2003? 
  • Which countries have not agreed to the UN’s convention on children’s rights?


Decide for yourself:

  • Does breaking the law help a campaign?
  • What does the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal tell us about civil rights in USA today?
  • What is so important about the Magna Carta?

With thanks to the London School of Economics Archive, the London Metropolitan Archive, Reading Museum, the British Postal Museum and Archive.


Poetry performance by Lennox Carty: