Special Projects


Students and other members of the community get involved with a variety of Museum Learning projects.  Past projects at the Academy have had a great impact, providing valuable skill development and producing exhibitions, art work or student generated activities.


Below are a few examples of past projects.
Projects are often longer term and could last anything up to 2 academic years.

Stories of Migration
      in partnership with
      the Migration Museum Project


As part of the activities during Internationalism term, students were invited to loan an object to the school museum on the theme of their migration stories.  Many students from all year groups loaned a variety of objects ranging from a wooden tortoise to a Polish recipe book.  The objects complete with a label were displayed for the term.
The Migration Museum incorporated four of these objects into an exhibition which was displayed at the Southbank Centre as part of the Changing Britain exhibition.  Objects from Reece Gale (Year 11) and Alishah Akram (Year 7) were on display along-with objects from Sunil Doshi (Year 8) and Caitlin Witheridge (Year 7) who have objects in the online part of the exhibition.

Early Years Health and Social      Care project in partnership
     with the River & Rowing Museum

This project began with the Year 9 Health & Social care students in 2013 and expanded to last 2 years.  Working in partnership with Maddy Farmer, the Early Years Tutor from the River & Rowing Museum, the students learnt more about child development, they visited the River & Rowing Museum’s Early Years group and worked with Maddy to develop their knowledge and skills.  At the end of Year 9 the students produced a workshop which they delivered to Reception students from Parlaunt Park Primary.  After further development and learning how to use museum objects to enhance story-telling, the same group of students, now in Year 10, developed and delivered 3 loan boxes which they used to deliver a session to another group of Reception students.  The project had a big positive impact on the students, taking a course that was not engaging them and producing a project that they looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed.

"It helped me understand what interests children and how they react in groups. It will help me in future units" (Victoria)


"It will help to understand what children like to do and gives us techniques to use" (Sophie)

Year 7 Literacy project in      partnership with
     The Story Museum

Year 7 students work on a co-curation exhibition and classroom take over during term 3.  Each class, who were reading a different book, took inspiration from The Story Museum to decorate their classrooms in the theme of the book and also curate one of the museum cases. 


The Story Museum work with the students to think about characterisation and how you display different themes from books.  The displays included Platform 9 ¾ from Harry Potter, codes from Artimis Fowl and a Second World War gas mask from Goodnight Mr Tom.