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Appeals Year 7 September 2021

TLA Appeals Form 2021
TLA Appeals Leaflet - A Guide for Parents
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Admission Appeals for children starting school in year 7 September 2021

Allocation Day (when detail of place is notified)

Monday 1 March 2021


*Deadline for receipt of appeal form

Monday 29  March 2021

*Appeals will be accepted after this date but may be not be heard at the same time as appeals received by the deadline.

Appeals submitted by Monday 29 March will be heard by mid-June or as soon as is reasonably practicable.


Parents/carers have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel, for any/all school(s) that was placed on their common application form. The appeal form for Langley Academy is on the website. Completed appeal forms must be received by the Clerk within 28 days of notification that an application was unsuccessful. (For entry to Year 7, September, 2021, appeals must be received by the Clerk by 29 March, 2021). The timetable for appeals is shown on the website. Parents/carers wishing to appeal must send the form to the Clerk to the Panel at the address shown on the appeal form.  Appeal forms must not be sent directly to the school and these will not be forwarded on.

Please contact the Clerk to the Independent Appeals Panel: Tel 07941 805714


Number of applicants for year 7 September 2020: 626
The Langley Academy PAN number 180 students

Results of 2020/2021 appeals for Year 7
Number of appeals heard by the Panel: 88
Number of successful appeals: 4
Number of appeals refused: 84

Number of applicants for year 7 September 2021: 656
The Langley Academy PAN number 180 students


The Langley Academy Secondary Admissions Arrangements Year 7 September 2021

Admissions Policy
Applicants Question & Answers Booklet
Registration Form 

Entrance Test: Saturday, 14 November 2020

We would like to invite you to our online virtual Open Evening which will replace the evening when we usually welcome parent/ carers and their children on site. 
VIRTUAL OPEN EVENING videos will be available on our website from Wednesday 16 September 2020.
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