‘Students have outstanding attitudes to learning,
which is primarily as a result of good teaching and very positive relationships across the whole academy.’ Ofsted
‘Students behave very well, show high levels of cooperation, respect and courtesy and work highly effectively with each other and their teachers. This creates a very positive learning environment.’ Ofsted
Students are being supported to work from home - From Monday 23 March until further notice, all year groups will be expected to work from home unless you have been advised that your child is eligible to come in. | Admissions policy for students applying in Autumn 2020 for entry in September 2021 - there are significant changes. Please see admissions under the PARENT/CARER tab. | Year 11 AIG set for 1 April has been postponed until further notice.

Our Academy | Houses

Arbib’s specialism is Museum Learning. The Langley Academy is the only secondary school in the British Isles to focus on museum learning, so this makes Arbib House unique! Our ethos is to develop skills in our students that reflect love of learning and the ability to adapt technique and knowledge of the workplace.
Through a combination of developing independent and collective approaches to work, coupled with a competitive House identity fostered on team and individual achievement, Arbib House aims to build the fully rounded adult ready for the demands of the 21st Century.

Darwin House has a Science focus and is named after Charles Darwin, famous for discovering the process of evolution one hundred and fifty years ago. Sometimes people mistakenly think it means ‘survival of the fittest!’
We suspect that if you were to try and race a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Sabre Tooth Tiger, you’d find that these powerful animals are far fitter than you, yet they haven’t survived to modern times!
In Darwin House, we recognise the need to reflect on, and adapt to our challenges in order to face each new day; more able to succeed. Our motto is ‘adapt, evolve, overcome, succeed’.

Gaia House has the focus of Sustainability. Gaia is the name of the ancient titan of the Earth. She is Mother Earth.
Gaia is greatly concerned with how much we consume or damage. She ensures that we pay for what we waste or pollute and also that we are rewarded for what we conserve or clean-up.
In Gaia House we care about how we live and how we all live together. We live today, always with an eye on tomorrow.

The focus of Globe House is Internationalism. Our students have plenty of opportunities to widen their understanding of the British culture and international cultures. The House hosts events that celebrate the cultural diversity of the students and staff within The Langley Academy.
In addition, Globe House students have opportunities to foster links with foreign schools and businesses.

Grace House has Cricket as its focus. It aims to foster young people who encompass ‘Grace’ in everything that they do. This includes young people who are capable members of the Academy community and the community at large. We aim to produce young people who, as demonstrated in cricket, believe in fairness, respect for each other and being capable and effective members of a team who support each other.
We have a dedicated team of professionals experienced in delivering pastoral care to support our young people to become fully rounded individuals.

The focus of Henley House is Rowing. Henley-on-Thames is a small Thames-side town with a world-class reputation. It is known throughout the world for rowing. Henley hosted the first Universal Boat Race in 1829, established the Royal Regatta in 1839 and hosted Olympic regattas in 1908 and 1948. Henley is the home of rowing history in Britain, and hence the name Henley House.
The Langley Academy is the only school in Slough that offers rowing as a sport with an aim to compete against the best in the country. You require a sense of competitiveness, stamina, endurance and team spirit to become the best. See how Langley becomes ‘Langley-on-Thames’ through Henley House where....everybody pulls together!