‘Students have outstanding attitudes to learning,
which is primarily as a result of good teaching and very positive relationships across the whole academy.’ Ofsted
‘Students behave very well, show high levels of cooperation, respect and courtesy and work highly effectively with each other and their teachers. This creates a very positive learning environment.’ Ofsted
Students are being supported to work from home - From Monday 23 March until further notice, all year groups will be expected to work from home unless you have been advised that your child is eligible to come in. | Admissions policy for students applying in Autumn 2020 for entry in September 2021 - there are significant changes. Please see admissions under the PARENT/CARER tab. | Year 11 AIG set for 1 April has been postponed until further notice.

Important Notices!


The new library, now located in the North Wing ground floor, is a clear indication of the Academy’s commitment to enhance literacy across the curriculum. The substantial investment in its relocation and refurbishment has already proved tremendously successful as demonstrated by the number of student visits and positive comments. The relocation has meant that the library is instantly accessible to all students and is now at the heart of the Academy.
The library is open every break and lunch time and throughout the day for 6th Form students and staff. It is also regularly used for specialised lessons, plus small group and one to one intervention literacy programmes.


The Langley Academy Library is located right at the heart of the school on the ground floor of the North Wing. While its proximity to the main Atrium means that the Library is never completely silent, the aim has been to create a cheerful and welcoming space for all students, particularly those in need of some ‘time out’. It has recently undergone a bit of a facelift with lots of new stock and table-top carousels to assist students with book selection. Break and lunch times now boast an alternating timetable of board games and quiet (!) reading, with the board games (such as Chess, Draughts, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Banagrams and Jenga) proving particularly popular.

The Library is open from 8.00-4.30 Monday-Thursday, and at break and lunchtimes five days a week. 6th Form students and staff may use the space throughout the day for quiet study, specialist lessons and meetings. Years 7 to 9 regularly use the Library during their Literacy lessons and House Tutor time, when they can change their books and complete AR quizzes.

The Library stocks a varied selection of fiction, which is constantly updated according to student requests via the Library’s suggestion box. Curriculum supporting resources, study and revision aids are updated annually according to staff recommendations, and a team of trained student librarians help ensure the smooth running of the Library during the very hectic break and lunch periods.

Literary events such as World Book Day, National Poetry Day and the Carnegie Book Awards are regularly promoted. Different genres are highlighted, particularly when they tie in with the curriculum and Museum Learning, while the Book of the Week champions a variety of publications and authors which the Librarian feels especially deserve to be read! The main thrust of the Library continues to be the promotion of reading for pleasure – not always straightforward in this digital age, but one which has a proven track record in dramatically improving students’ vocabulary, knowledge, understanding, empathy and lateral thinking.