‘Students have outstanding attitudes to learning,
which is primarily as a result of good teaching and very positive relationships across the whole academy.’ Ofsted
‘Students behave very well, show high levels of cooperation, respect and courtesy and work highly effectively with each other and their teachers. This creates a very positive learning environment.’ Ofsted
Students are being supported to work from home - From Monday 23 March until further notice, all year groups will be expected to work from home unless you have been advised that your child is eligible to come in. | Admissions policy for students applying in Autumn 2020 for entry in September 2021 - there are significant changes. Please see admissions under the PARENT/CARER tab. | Year 11 AIG set for 1 April has been postponed until further notice.

The Langley Academy | Policies

  Accessibility Plan (March 2016)
  Admissions Policy (2021)
  Admissions Policy (2020)
  Admissions Policy (September 2019)
  Allegations of Abuse made Against Staff Policy (TAET) (June 2020)
  Anti-Bullying Policy (January 2019)
  Anti-Fraud Corruption Bribery Policy (TLAT) (November 2018)
  Assessment Marking and Feedback Policy (January 2020)
  Attendance Policy (June 2020)
  Behaviour for Learning Policy (October 2019)
  Behaviour Policy, TAET Addendum to (June 2020)
  Bereavement Policy (TAET) (May 2020)
  British Values Statement (May 2020)
  Capability Policy (TLAT) (March 2019)
  CCTV Policy (TLAT) (March 2019)
  Charging and Remissions Policy (TLAT) (June 2019)
  Child Protection Policy (TAET) (December 2019)
  Complaints Policy (TLAT) (June 2019)
  Curriculum Policy (January 2020)
  Data Protection Policy (TAET) (June 2020)
  Display Policy (May 2016)
  Drugs Education Policy (January 2019)
  Equality Policy (TAET) (March 2020)
  Examination Policy (January 2019)
  Exam Contigency Plan (2018 - 2019)
  E-Safety Policy (TAET) (June 2020)
  Fire Safety Management Policy (TAET) (September 2019)
  First Aid Policy (TLAT) (January 2019)
  Flexible Working Policy (TLAT) (March 2019)
  Freedom of Information Policy (TLAT) (June 2018)

Freedom of Information Policy Appx. 1: Model Publication Scheme


Freedom of Information Policy Appx. 2: Guide To Information

  Grievance Policy (TLAT) (March 2019)
  Health and Safety Policy (TAET) (January 2020)
  Independent Learning Policy (January 2019)
  Information Systems Policy (TLAT) (June 2019)
  Investment Policy (TAET) (March 2020)
  Lettings Policy (TAET) (November 2019)
  LGPS - Statement of Policy (July 2014)
  Literacy Policy (January 2017)
  Lone Worker Policy (TLAT) (May 2019)
  Maternity Leave and Pay Policy (TLAT) (March 2019)
  Minibus Policy (TLAT) (April 2018)
  Most Able Policy (January 2019)
  Non-examination Assessment Policy (January 2019)
  Numeracy Policy (March 2017)
  Pay Policy (TAET) (October 2019)
  Performance Management Policy (TLAT) (October 2018)
  Physical Restraint Policy (March 2017)
  Premises Management Policy (TLAT) (May 2019)
  Pupil Premium (January 2019)
  Reserves Policy (TAET) (March 2020)
  Retention Schedule Policy (TLAT) (June 2019)
  Safeguarding Policy Update RE: Coronavirus (TAET) (April 2020)
  Safer Recruitment Policy (TAET) (March 2020)
  School Closure Notification Policy (TLAT) (June 2019)
  SEND Policy (December 2019)
  Sex and Relationships Policy (May 2016)
  Staff Absence Sickness and Cover Policy (TLAT) (October 2018)
  Staff Code of Conduct (TAET) (March 2020)
  Staff Discipline Policy (TAET) (March 2020)
  Staff Dress Code (October 2018)
  Staff Transfer Policy (March 2019)
  Supporting Students with Medical Needs Policy (TAET) (June 2020)
  Teaching and Learning Policy (January 2020)
  Trips & Visits Policy (TAET) (January 2020)
  Whistle Blowing Policy (TAET) (March 2020)