At The Langley Academy Sixth Form, we offer a diverse range of enrichment opportunities for our students. These are designed to enrich the lives of students in Year 12 and 13 throughout their studies, so that they develop their skillset while also giving back to the community. Some examples of the enrichment opportunities we offer are described below.



Students in Year 10 or 11 who may require additional support throughout the GCSE period can be assigned a Sixth Form Student Mentor. Mentors are there to provide any support to help students in the Secondary School, ranging from revision tips and advice through to coping with the stresses that are often accompanied by GCSE exams. Many young students claim that it is the mentoring scheme available to them that makes a world of a difference when coming close to the exam period.


Subject Tutors

Year 12 and 13 students can teach one of their subjects to students in the lower school, most commonly students in Year 11 who would benefit from extra support with subjects that they struggle with. The main subjects that Sixth Form students tutor are English, Maths, and Science. Partaking in this role is an ideal way of demonstrating a passion for the subject, showing an advanced dedication to your education, and it is also great for solidifying previous knowledge from GCSE. It is also a brilliant way to for Sixth Form students give back to the younger generations.


Subject Reps

Each year, the Sixth Form team employs a group of Subject Representatives, who work within the Sixth Form and the Secondary School to promote their subject at school events, such as open evenings and taster sessions for Year 11 Students. Each subject that we offer at A-Level has a Subject Representative, and students tend to apply for this role with their strongest subject.


Student Leadership Team

At the end of Year 12, Sixth Form students are given the chance to apply for the roles of Co-Chair, Vice Chair and Assistant Chair – all of which combine to form the Student Leadership Team. These roles involve regular meetings with the Sixth Form Team and members of the Senior Leadership Team, where students voice the requests of the student body and communicate ways to better the school experience for all students each consecutive year.


Junior Prefects

Early in the academic year, Year 12 students have the opportunity to apply for the role of Junior Prefect, where they assist the Student Leadership Team in many projects. This includes fundraising events, supporting lower school events, and being an active member of the Mentors Against Violence Prevention Programme. In being involved in many different activities, Junior Prefects will learn to develop the skills that they will need to thrive in an environment post-Sixth Form, such as confidence, public speaking skills, and communication.


Mentors in Violence Prevention Programme

Becoming an MVP is an opportunity to improve the community in which we live; with the rising cases of knife crime in Slough, this is particularly important to the Academy. Mentors lead sessions based on controversial topics with younger year groups which encourage students to think about situations they may not have considered. Mentors also become trusted individuals for all students to confide in. The MVP Programme has had an invaluable impact on the school community so far, as younger students think more about creating a safer and more welcoming environment for not only the school community, but the local community as well.


Sixth Form Magazine

The Sixth Form Magazine is one of our newest editions to the Sixth Form enrichment. It not only acts as our own personal newsletter alongside the whole Academy newsletter, but it also allows for information that may only be key for Sixth Form to be shared. Moreover, it makes said information easier to access by Sixth Form students as it is solely on what happens in our Sixth Form. Students work hard to produce something informative yet fun to read and those who edit and add to it can add their quirks to it to make it interesting in their own way.


The Great Debate Team

In becoming a well-rounded individual for post Sixth Form life, whether it be university, apprenticeships, or employment, debating is an essential skill. In joining the Great Debate Team, students learn how to not only prepare points surrounding topics like social controversy, but also learn to formulate arguments under pressure in a higher, more articulate manner. This enrichment is a brilliant way to gain confidence in speaking and is always seen as an incredibly important skill to employers. The most recent debate to take place was “Is Black History Month Progressive or Regressive?”.


Duke of Edinburgh

The Langley Academy Sixth Form offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award Silver and Gold to Year 12 students. DofE allows students to expand on their range of skills, give back to the community through volunteering, and spend some time bettering themselves through physical activity. However, arguably the most exciting part of the DofE Award is the expedition. The DofE Award is designed to enrich the lives of young individuals by allowing them to explore areas outside their comfort zone, and perhaps even pick up new hobbies and new skills. It is these experiences which make the DofE Award such a popular choice for extra-curricular activity at the Academy.



Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is an enrichment programme which gives students an opportunity to set up their own business and take part in various competitions and trade fairs against schools nationally. Students take ownership of generating a business idea, raising funds, sourcing suppliers, branding, handling finance and much more. Students learn to develop their time management, teamwork, presentation and communication skills, resilience amongst other skills. The Langley Academy Sixth Form has a history for doing well in the Young Enterprise programme, as we have won 4 awards in the Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead area including:

  • Best Business Plan
  • Best Presentation
  • Trade Fair Runners Up
  • Company of the Year 2018


Supporting Events in the Secondary School and the Primary School

There are many opportunities throughout the academic year that allow Year 12 and 13 students to work with the Secondary School and the Primary School. These include open evenings, parents evenings, our annual senior citizen Christmas party, mentoring younger students, and many more!


Oxbridge Talks

Every year, the number of Sixth Form students applying to Oxford or Cambridge University is exponentially increasing. To support these students as much as possible, the school delivers a variety of talks and information guidance to aid student applications. This includes talks from experienced external speakers to guide students through the application process, as well as critical feedback on personal statements. This talks form part of a wider support programme for those looking to apply to Oxbridge and Russell group universities.


Scholars Club

The Scholars Club is a unique experience in which members contact stakeholders from a range of backgrounds to talk in school and provide students with valuable insights into what their career entails. Members of the Scholars Club develop their professionalism and become prepared for the formality of workplace communication, whilst also receiving paramount advice from experienced individuals. In the past we have had a range of speakers from different backgrounds come in, such as fashion design, midwifery, and politics.


Sports Teams and Fixtures

There are a range of sports teams that Sixth Form students can be a part of, whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is always a place for you in one of our sports teams. Sixth Form students take pride in organising these teams and leading enrichment sessions with younger pupils, with the support of the PE Faculty. Regular fixtures in all participating sport teams allow students to not only showcase their skills but also strengthen their social network, as team mates double up as school peers. Students also like to take advantage of the newly refurbished gym, stocked with the latest equipment available which is completely free to use.