At TLA Sixth Form our facilities are fantastic.

This year we have opened our brand new Arbib teaching block, along with a full refurbishment of the Sixth Form Centre. Following these developments the Sixth Form students now have access to the following facilities:


The café is located in the refurbished Sixth Form Centre and is exclusively for the Sixth Form. It is open before school and in all break times and is stocked with a range of hot and cold food. The space is also used often by students when completing work in a relaxing environment whilst watching the news on the interactive TV screen.



The brand new gym is also located in the Sixth Form centre and provides staff and students with a wide variety of fitness equipment including treadmills, free weights and other cardio machines. The room also boasts a mirrored wall and entertainment screen.


Learning Resource Centre

The Sixth Form resource centre has been designed around a typical university environment and includes a fully stocked library area, holding a variety of books and resources to cater for the Sixth Form’s academic needs. These include both academic books and a combination of both classic and contemporary fiction that are continually updated. There is also a careers area and a full bank of computers for Sixth Form students to use.

Drama Studio

The Sixth Form Drama studio is a specialist multi use space. The area is used for drama lessons and also for Sixth Form enrichment activities, such as singing club and band practice.



Outstanding Teaching Rooms

In addition to the fantastic facilities in the main school building, the Arbib building and Sixth Form centre have outstanding, new teaching rooms that include flexible spaces, computer suites and interactive promethean teaching boards.

Supervised Study Room

Our Supervised Study room is a well suited environment used by students to complete work and stretch their learning. The room is fully staffed throughout the day and benefits from a suite of laptops to assist students when completing work and further reading.