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LA MuseumOur students will tell you that
The Langley Academy is a safe, exciting and supportive place
to learn and grow. I am very
proud to be Headteacher of such
a warm and cohesive staff that supports and promotes the achievement and wellbeing of all
who attend.

At the Academy, we believe that students come to school to learn and achieve in order to live full and enriched lives. We want to empower our students to contribute positively to their family, the community and the wider world. The staff, governors and trustees work hard together, along with parents and carers, to ensure that each of our students takes advantage of every opportunity to be the best that they can be and leave with a set of results that make them feel proud. Your visit to our website will provide you with many examples of how we do this.

We place a strong emphasis on developing students’ confidence through rich and stimulating learning experiences, in and beyond the classroom, so that they develop their academic and personal interests. Teachers and support staff seek to meet the needs of all within a rich curriculum, underpinned by our strapline of Curiosity, Exploration and Discovery. In return, we expect all students to be fully prepared, active participants in their learning and positive role models for others. An agreed and established set of ground rules based on respect allows everyone to get the best from lessons, activities and unstructured time.

The Arbib Education Trust motto describes The Academy’s commitment to strong relationships and wide-ranging learning opportunities that prepare our students for lifelong learning and success. If you would like to learn more about The Arbib Education Trust's Vision please click here.

‘One community. Many ideas. Everyone’s future.’

I hope that you find our website informative but please do come and visit the Academy and really appreciate what we offer.

Mrs A. Lusuardi

Latest Tweets

@LangleyAcademy - Jun 7
Well done to the Year 7 Quadkids team who competed at Herschel Grammar today in events including 100m and long jump. The boys team secured 3rd place overall with Richelle receiving an individual 2nd place 🥈— LangleyAcademyPE () June 7, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 26
Do you want to join our multi-faith school? If you would like to join our experienced and enthusiastic team, there are several ways to apply:TES - - -— The Arbib Education Trust () May 26, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 25
Please see this term’s newsletter linked here -— The Langley Academy () May 25, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 25
Do you want to join our team to empower children with hearing needs to achieve their ambitions? To apply: TES - - -— The Arbib Education Trust () May 25, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 24
An ancient Cretan Palace, a Labyrinth, a Minotaur – Greek mythology brought to life at the Ashmolean Museum’s Labyrinth exhibition! Our students visited the first Knossos-focussed exhibition in the UK.— The Arbib Education Trust () May 23, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 22
Year 7 completed tests to investigate the pH of different solutions and which was the best neutraliser— TLA Science Faculty () May 22, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 22
Well done to Mr Bury who competed in the Windsor Trail Marathon last weekend! The 6th marathon he’s completed! 👏👏— LangleyAcademyPE () May 22, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 22
Congratulations 🙌🙌🙌— The Langley Academy () May 22, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 19
Thank you to our well-being team for getting us all to try activities that are known to help relieve anxiety.#MHAW— The Arbib Education Trust () May 19, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 15
Congratulations Mr Janar - a great achievement 🙌👏— The Langley Academy () May 15, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 12
Very excited to announce we have been awarded £187,000 from the ! Thanks to the funding, we will grow our successful Team with three new apprenticeships and work with ages 0 - 100 to develop our Playing With The Museum exhibitions programme.— The Arbib Education Trust () May 12, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 12
Do you want to be pivotal in developing our enterprising students’ technological expertise?If you would like to find out more, please click on: share with anybody you think would be interested.#edutwitter— The Arbib Education Trust () May 12, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 12
Dance off! Fantastic to celebrate so many different cultures today and share dances from around the world! 🌎— LangleyAcademyPE () May 11, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 12
Fantastic to celebrate so many different cultures today and share dances from around the world! 🌎— LangleyAcademyPE () May 11, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - May 2
Free in-person talk by Bear Grylls. Open to students & staff across TVLP schools. Tue 9th May 2023, 8:30pm-9:30pm at . Email for the booking link. ()— Thames Valley Learning Partnership () May 2, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Apr 25
Would you like unique access to museum artefacts to bring lessons to life? Come and join our inspiring Religious Studies team at our multi-faith school.To find out more, click on the link and please share.— The Arbib Education Trust () April 24, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Apr 25
Do you want to give the life skill of cooking and good nutrition knowledge to our students? AND join a school that takes your wellbeing seriously?To find out more, click on the link:— The Arbib Education Trust () April 25, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Apr 24
A massive well done to Mr Eshelby who finished the London Marathon 2023 👏👏👏— LangleyAcademyPE () April 23, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Apr 21
We’ve started sports hall athletics this week until the weather picks up enough for us to do athletics outside!— LangleyAcademyPE () April 21, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Apr 21
Year 7 students enjoying their first taste of Softball this week in Mr Spilsbury’s lesson 🥎— LangleyAcademyPE () April 21, 2023
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