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LA MuseumOur students will tell you that
The Langley Academy is a safe, exciting and supportive place
to learn and grow. I am very
proud to be Headteacher of such
a warm and cohesive staff that supports and promotes the achievement and wellbeing of all
who attend.

At the Academy, we believe that students come to school to learn and achieve in order to live full and enriched lives. We want to empower our students to contribute positively to their family, the community and the wider world. The staff, governors and trustees work hard together, along with parents and carers, to ensure that each of our students takes advantage of every opportunity to be the best that they can be and leave with a set of results that make them feel proud. Your visit to our website will provide you with many examples of how we do this.

We place a strong emphasis on developing students’ confidence through rich and stimulating learning experiences, in and beyond the classroom, so that they develop their academic and personal interests. Teachers and support staff seek to meet the needs of all within a rich curriculum, underpinned by our strapline of Curiosity, Exploration and Discovery. In return, we expect all students to be fully prepared, active participants in their learning and positive role models for others. An agreed and established set of ground rules based on respect allows everyone to get the best from lessons, activities and unstructured time.

The Arbib Education Trust motto describes The Academy’s commitment to strong relationships and wide-ranging learning opportunities that prepare our students for lifelong learning and success. If you would like to learn more about The Arbib Education Trust's Vision please click here.

‘One community. Many ideas. Everyone’s future.’

I hope that you find our website informative but please do come and visit the Academy and really appreciate what we offer.

Mrs A. Lusuardi

Latest Tweets

@LangleyAcademy - Nov 29
Year 7 students investigating Hooke’s Law with springs and weights. Following this, students developed their science skills by plotting their results in a graph 📈— TLA Science Faculty () November 28, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 29
Cold, but sunny weather and some outdoor PE! Rugby, football and handball are the sports students will learn about this term ⚽️🏉🏐#healthyactivemindandbody— LangleyAcademyPE () November 28, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 29
Well done to our Year 9 footballers who won in their match against Lynch Hill 👏— LangleyAcademyPE () November 28, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 28
at Bournemouth! Armed with tools and equipment, Yr11s investigated the effectiveness of coastal management strategies in combating coastal recession. Profiling the beach and exploring the significance of subaerial processes within the UK coastal environment.— The Arbib Education Trust () November 28, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 28
, developing the skills you need for your future life! Unlock your potential and shape your future. Discover how much you are capable of, meet new people, try new things, make a difference in your community and ultimately create the pathways to the life you envision.— The Langley Academy () November 28, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 23
A celebration of language and learning with language connecting us all! Thank you to and all the schools that joined us for our event. A journey of French and Spanish food, quizzes and the final round of the French Spelling Bee competition.— The Arbib Education Trust () November 23, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 22
Unlocking new horizons! Thank you, Horizons, for helping our students understand the UCL programme and the enrolment process and sharing success stories from past participants. 📚— The Arbib Education Trust () November 22, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 22
Good Luck today to all the students taking part in the final of the French Spelling Bee at Langley Academy.We are ready, are you?— Thames Valley Learning Partnership () November 22, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 17
A fantastic trip to Disney to discover how they apply the sciences to many aspects of running the park. Students enjoyed an engaging workshop on rollercoaster designing, explored the parks and of course got to experience travel in a new country— TLA Science Faculty () November 16, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 14
📚Explore teaching with us!✔️ Classroom experience✔️ Expert-designed curriculum✔️ Dedicated mentor support ✨— The Langley Academy () November 14, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 13
🧦Odd Socks Day! 🌈 A time to express ourselves, celebrate uniqueness, and say no to bullying. Today, we rocked our odd socks! And donated to support our anti-bullying initiatives. Let's 'Make a noise about bullying' together! 📢🚫— The Arbib Education Trust () November 13, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 13
We are delighted to be partnering with to deliver Teacher Training starting in September 2024. Interested in applying? You can find out more here:— The Arbib Education Trust () November 9, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 10
📚Explore teaching with us!✔️ Classroom experience✔️ Expert-designed curriculum✔️ Dedicated mentor support ✨— The Langley Academy () November 10, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Nov 2
🚌 FREE family coach trip! Our families explored rural history with the opportunity to see a special co-curated exhibition by . 🤩 A fun and educational outing! Made possible by and our team— The Arbib Education Trust () November 2, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Oct 20
Please find link to this term’s newsletter:- a wonderful half-term.The Academy reopens at the normal time on Tuesday 31 October.— The Langley Academy () October 20, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Oct 10
Connecting through play with our Play Through Time Exhibition! 🎮 Playtime Isn't Just for Kids! Teenagers and Adults Need It Too! Play fosters vital skills, sparks creativity and boosts mental health. Made possible with— The Arbib Education Trust () October 10, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Oct 10
💛Join us in wearing to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day!🌟 Shining a light on the importance of supporting young people and improving access to mental health resources. Together, we can make a difference.— The Arbib Education Trust () October 10, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Oct 9
🦖🌋 Fantastic week of learning at ! Delving into earthquakes and volcanoes and exploring dinosaur wonders. We also discovered Mary Anning's Ichthyosaurs, connecting classroom lessons with real-life treasures!— The Arbib Education Trust () October 9, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Oct 6
🙂🙂Happy ! We have been spreading smiles 🙂🙂— The Arbib Education Trust () October 6, 2023
@LangleyAcademy - Oct 5
Celebrate with free poetry publications for English teachers at every key stage, including special editions of Teaching English and Primary Matters! 📚🎉— The Arbib Education Trust () October 5, 2023
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