Mental Health and Wellbeing at Langley Academy

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TLA MH logoAt Langley Academy, we understand that there can be emotionally challenging times for everyone and it can be hard to know where to look for help. The Arbib Educational Trust’s vision is to develop all students to their full potential academically, physically, socially and emotionally. To this end, we aim to increase awareness and understanding of common mental health issues and all of our staff are taught how best to recognise and provide support to those facing emotionally, psychologically and socially challenging times. We all work together with both the students and parents/carers to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all affected, both directly and indirectly, by mental health issues in our community (children/students, carers and their families, staff, governors, trustees and the local community).

It is always ok to ask for help, even if you feel unsure or scared. Don’t stay silent! Reach out, you’re not alone.

Increasing awareness and understanding

During the year, we use our house tutor time sessions to spread awareness of mental wellbeing to our students using a range of activities. A key theme in mental health is focused on in every half-term:

  1. Autumn half term 1: Gratitude
  2. Autumn half term 2: Kindness
  3. Spring half term 1: Pride
  4. Spring half term 2: Forgiveness
  5. Summer half term 1: Resilience
  6. Summer half term 2: Hopes and dreams (future)

Who can I get help from?

Friends, family, teachers and house-tutors are great to talk to when feeling worried, stressed or even when you just want to talk to someone. The SSM team at school are at the desk all day and are there for you.

Parents and Carers also play a vital role in ensuring that their child’s mental health and wellbeing needs are met. By working closely with school and keeping us informed of any specific needs or any support required, we can help.

We have Mental Health Leads and Mental Health Champions at TLA who ensure there is robust support for students who are struggling. These, along with the Safeguarding and Place2Be, are all here to support students and staff with any worries or concerns they have, both in and outside of school. They are trained to support anyone with emotional and mental health issues and find strategies to help cope with the stressors that life can often bring. We all have bad days, and need a space to talk, and the teams are also there for just that, if you’re feeling sad, angry, worried and want to talk about it and just have someone listen to you without any judgment.

Joseph Matshazi and Jill Heales are the heads of the Mental Wellbeing team at Langley Academy and can be contacted by the following means:

Wellbeing Poster 2021 22

Who else can help?

We know that sometimes it may be difficult to talk to your friends, family, or people in your community. Don’t worry, there are many charities and organisations working in the field of mental health which could provide you with support.

Click the documents and/or logos below for more information:

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