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Welcome to our Careers and World of Work section. Our vision is to encourage self-awareness, confidence and independence so students can make informed decisions about their future.

Careers TeamCA1

  • Assistant Head Teacher responsible for Careers: Jill Heales
  • Careers Lead: Keroneque McNabb-Henry
  • Careers Officer: Ruth Turner
  • Link Governor: Olakunle Babarinde
  • Contact us at careers@langleyacademy.org or call 01753 214463.
  • You can follow us on Twitter @TLACareers
  • You can follow us on Instagram @TLA.Careers

Careers - TLA Provider Access Policy (January 2022)

Careers Education and Guidance Policy (January 2022)

Our CEIAG (Careers Education Information and Guidance) programme is inclusive of all students in all year groups and our Careers Policy can be found above and under the Essential Information tab. We want our students to be able to make informed choices about their future and we partner with many external organisations to help us achieve this goal.

Our programme follows the Gatsby Benchmarks and we work with the Careers & Enterprise Company to monitor our progress in meeting these benchmarks which are:

  1. A stable careers programme ​
  2. Learning from careers and labour market information ​
  3. Addressing the needs of each student.
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers.
  5. Encounters with employers and employees.
  6. Experiences of workplaces.
  7. Encounters with further and higher education.
  8. Personal guidance.

See: https://www.gatsby.org.uk/education/focus-areas/good-career-guidance for detailed information on the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Careers Education

Careers lessons for every year group take place during our House Tutor programme during terms 2 and 4 for years 7 to 12, and also term 6 for year 12. The curriculum is a spiral one that aims to address the needs of students at each stage in their TLA journey ultimately making them ready for the world of work.

Each year group has lessons that are focused around a specific theme. The themes are as follows:

  • Year 7 - What essential skills do I need to be successful in my future career
  • Year 8 - How does school help with my career- my options
  • Year 9 - Developing my skills while learning from the labour market
  • Year 10 - Exploring and experiencing the world of work
  • Year 11 - Developing me- today & tomorrow
  • Year 12 - Preparing for the world of work
  • Year 13 - All about my brand

Below shows the lessons for term 2 as an example of how we explore each theme:


In addition to our careers lessons we liaise with employers, external FE and HE training providers to attend Careers, Apprenticeship and University fairs, special assemblies and careers talks.

Any training providers wishing to present to our students are referred to our Provider Access Policy which can be found above and also under the Essential Information tab.


We have signed up with Unifrog as our careers platform and every student has an account. Unifrog is used in our careers lessons and students are encouraged to use it for independent careers research, to build their own portfolio and CV as well as for their UCAS personal statements.  For more information on Unifrog please click on the Unifrog tab.

Career Resources

Students have access to two careers libraries - one in The Careers Hub in front of the LRC and the other in the 6th Form Library - which contain a range of useful books, leaflets and prospectuses that students can access at any time.  Careers meetings take place in The Careers Hub and students can also drop in to speak to the Careers Officer during break or lunch times.

Careers noticeboards are used to promote careers events, work experience or volunteering opportunities, college and university open days, etc.

Careers Guidance

We partner with Adviza who provide qualified Careers Advisers to meet with every student in Year 10 and 11 to help them make the best choice for their future. Students from every year group can request a careers meeting with the Careers Officer to discuss their options or get support with applications, CVs, etc. The Careers Officer will refer them for a meeting with Adviza where appropriate.

To support the work that Adviza do in school students, parents and carers can also access ‘The Careers Guidance For You portal’ which contains information and advice for students, parents and teachers. Please go to the Adviza tab for more information.

Getting Work Ready

We believe in the importance of work-related learning and employer engagement for our students and aim to give them a mix of live interaction with employers and virtual work experiences. We partner with ‘Learning to Work’ who organise off timetable events such as workplace visits, employer talks, Enterprise activities and Careers Fairs for our students from Year 7 up to and including 6th Form.

The Academy will liaise with ‘Learning to Work’ to provide Students in Year 10 and Year 12 with one or two Work Insight or Work Ready days where they will interact with local employers and business volunteers. Year 10 and 12 students will have the opportunity to find their own in-person placement that they can attend on these specific dates as an alternative to these events. In addition, they are encouraged to take part in virtual or in-person work experience during their own time so as not to detract from curriculum/classroom time. For Year 10 this could happen over the summer before they start Year 10, during the year and extend into the summer before they begin Year 11. Year 12 should gain relevant work experience during the school year including the summer holidays after Year 11 and before Year 13.

We will prepare and support our students in finding work experience and students should use the Placement Tool in Unifrog if organising their own placement to ensure it is safe and authorised. Opportunities for work experience, employer webinars and talks are advertised on the Careers Noticeboards, in Future You publications, on Teams pages and by email.

In addition, we encourage students from Year 9 upwards to participate in virtual work experience during their own time and to record this as an Activity on Unifrog. Employers value quality virtual work experience and participation in these demonstrates that students are dedicated, enthusiastic and prepared to put in the work. Some excellent platforms are shown below and we also recommend that students sign up for pathwayctm.com – an organisation that offers great resources, benefits and work experience for young people.

CA3Parents, carers and employers – we need your help!

If you work in an organisation that would be willing to provide work experience or work insight days for any of our Year 10 or Year 12 students please complete this online Opportunities Form with details.

We are also always looking for Speakers… if you think you could deliver a careers related, motivational or inspirational talk to our students please email us at careers@langleyacademy.org. Thank You!

Please click on the expandable sections below for further useful information.


Who are Adviza?

Adviza was established in 2001 as Connexions Berkshire, delivering careers guidance as part of a national Connexions service under direct contract from central government. In 2006 the Connexions budget was devolved to local authorities, and in 2008 we successfully bid for the Connexions contracts for Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. That same year the renamed Connexions Thames Valley became a registered charity (1132201). In July 2012 the charity's name was changed to Adviza in a rebranding exercise.

Adviza aims to inspire and support young people and adults to progress in learning and work. We aim to raise people’s aspirations, motivate them to achieve their full potential and support them when they have to make key decisions about their future. The work we do can help transform lives and we never forget it.

  • We work in partnership with schools and colleges providing careers information, advice and guidance for pupils
  • We produce the school careers resources eCLIPS and Careers Planet
  • We offer paid-for services for individuals including careers guidance sessions and Morrisby assessments, and have a bursary scheme so those who are eligible can get these free of charge.

September 2021 sees the launch of our new careers information, advice and guidance model, Careers Guidance For You Portal. We are really excited about this new offer and hope that students and their parents/carers will find the enhanced virtual aspects both valuable and enjoyable.

The Portal includes careers information by year group, latest news and details of upcoming events, such as webinars and open days, plus regular labour market information (LMI). It also gives access to the comprehensive eCLIPS careers information resource and to an exclusive webchat service to talk live to a qualified Careers Advisers. Students and parents/carers have previously been emailed with this information and password.

Due to technical issues please note temporary changes to Access to the Portal

You can now access the portal on this link and don’t need a password: www.adviza.org.uk/careers-guidance-for-you.

The portal is for use by students, parents/carers and school staff who have a contract with Adviza only. To use the live webchat and to book an event you will be asked to give your name and the name of your child’s school and year group.

How do I book a webinar or event? You’ll find our upcoming webinars under Events on the menu bar. When you book you will be asked to register to make a booking.  This will include your name and email address. You will also be asked the name of your/your child’s school, and your/their year group. We need this information so that we can check eligibility and to ensure the booking confirmation and joining instructions are sent to you.

We hope to record all of the employer webinars, but have to ensure we have their permission to do so. Where permission is given we will record these and put links to them in the Students, Parents/carers and Teachers sections of the portal.

Webchat is available 9.30 – 5.00 p.m. Monday – Friday and is staffed by Advisers who are qualified to Level 6 in Careers Guidance. During busy times and if an Adviser is unavailable to respond immediately, there is a message facility and an Adviser will respond as soon as they become available.

Webchat will not be staffed on a full-time basis during the school holidays. Any users will be able to use the messaging facility and an Adviser will respond within 2 days.

Webinars – If you do not receive confirmation of a booking for a webinar please email careersguidance@adviza.org.uk

Webchat – students/parents/carers can access this via the portal Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Webchat will be staffed by a Level 6 trained Adviser at all times.

eCLIPS careers information resource. Catering for all abilities and stages, eCLIPS supports students to explore the full range of opportunities and make informed decisions for their future.

  • Up-to-date information on 1400+ careers
  • Live labour market information
  • Careers by school/college subjects
  • Education and employment choices
  • Career matching tool

Careers Guidance Meetings

Students in Year 11 will receive a 1-2-1 guidance meeting or participate in small group (4 students) guidance sessions with a L6 Qualified Careers Adviser.  These meetings are to ensure students are aware of all the options available to them Post 16, to show them how and where to search for careers information on specific sectors or jobs, help them decide what kind of career best suits them and help them find suitable courses at 6th  Form or College or find out more information on Apprenticeships.  Students will come away from their meeting with an Action Plan to help them plan their Post 16 destination and with an idea of how to progress on their chosen career path.

Students in Year 12 and 13 can request a guidance meeting through the academy’s Careers Officer.

Students in the lower years can be referred to Adviza by their Tutor, RSL or the Careers Officer if the Adviza portal doesn’t meet their needs.


What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a paid job with free training either at college or with a Training Provider  – leading to a nationally recognised qualification plus experience and skills necessary to a particular career. You can even get a degree apprenticeship which means no student loan! Apprenticeships last for at least a year and can continue for up to six years for a degree level apprenticeship.

Pay: Apprentices are paid a minimum of £4.30 per hour in the first year of their apprenticeship- the actual amount differs between sectors and employers, with some choosing to pay above this minimum amount.  After the first year the minimum for under 18s is £4.62, for 18-20 year olds it is £6.56 and £8.36 if you are between 21-23.

You can also get an NUS (student) card which entitles you to cheaper travel and discounts in various stores!

Hours: Apprentices work at least 30 hours a week and get 20 days of paid holiday plus bank holidays.

Job retention: Most employers retain their apprentices after they have completed their training. Why wouldn’t they?

Sectors: The most popular sector for Apprenticeships is health and social care, but business, finance, engineering and construction are growing.  Apprenticeships are now offered across 170 industries. 

Levels: Apprenticeships are available at three levels:

  • Intermediate Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE)
  • Advanced Level 3 (equivalent to A Levels)
  • Higher Levels 4-7 Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are equivalent to university level study, from Foundation to Masters.

Entry requirements:

  • Intermediate level apprenticeships from no qualifications required to 5 GCSE’s at Grade 4 and above.
  • Advanced level Apprenticeships will normally require 5 GCSE’s at Grade 5 and above or can follow on from an Intermediate Apprenticeship.
  • Higher Levels will require at least 2 A levels, or relevant L3 NVQs or BTECs.

Student Apprenticeship Guide: For students in years 12 to 13

What is a traineeship?

A Traineeship is for young people 16-24 who aren’t quite ready for an apprenticeship. It is a skills development programme that includes a work placement and can last from 6 weeks up to 1 year, though most traineeships last for less than 6 months. It includes a work placement of 70 hours or more, help in getting the skills needed to get an apprenticeship, help writing a CV, a job interview and employer feedback as well as help with English, maths and basic digital skills if needed.  You won’t be paid but you may be given expenses for things like travel or meals.

For more information on Apprenticeships or to see current vacancies and how to apply see:

The Apprenticeship Guide for Care Experienced Young People aims to provide all the information a young person with care experience needs to know to consider apprenticeships as their next step.

This new resource covers the benefits of apprenticeships, how to apply, the all-important added financial and practical support available for apprentices with care experience and much more. 

Download now

‘Future You’ Careers Bulletin


Parents’ Guide & STEM Guide

This year’s Parents’ Guide has been designed to help parents support their children in making informed decisions about their future, and develop the correct skills to help them succeed. 

Topics include:

  • Pathways into work, including T-levels, apprenticeships and university
  • The importance of employability skills 
  • The value of work experience placements
  • Student finance and choosing student accommodation
  • Careers advice dos and don’ts
  • 24-day “skills workout” exercises to complete at home, designed to help young people actively develop eight key employability skills
  • PLUS interviews and guest content from organisations including PwC, University of Bath, Sky, Institute of Student Employers, Staffordshire University and many more

This year’s STEM Guide explores the full range of secondary and A-level STEM subjects, to help young people to understand more about careers in the STEM field. This comprehensive guide has been designed to showcase just how creative, exciting and rewarding a career in STEM can be.

Topics include:

  • 10 detailed subject pages, each detailing career paths these can lead to and the qualifications needed to get there
  • Pathways into STEM, covering T-levels, apprenticeships and university
  • STEM in its real-world applications looking at innovations STEM has helped us create through history and how it can benefit us in the future
  • Case studies and interviews from organisations including TFL, Sky, Royal Horticultural Society and many more

To access the guides, parents and carers just need to sign up to Success At School’s special parents' mailing list.

Sign up now

Apprenticeships - Parents and Carers Pack

The September edition of the Parents' & Carers' Pack is now available and includes articles on preparing for the year ahead, apprenticeship and traineeship explainers, supporting students with a disability, apprenticeships in law and more.

Click to view the latest Parents' & Carers' Pack

The Parent Perspective Podcast

“The Parent Perspective” is an exciting new 8-part podcast series for parents and carers, helping them to support their children with careers advice and guidance. Subscribe on your preferred platform today to be ready for the first episode in early June!

Student Destinations


Unifrog home mobileUnifrog is a complete destinations platform, a one-stop-shop for whole-school careers guidance, KS3-KS5. All available information is in one single, impartial, user-friendly platform that helps students make the best, choices, and submit the strongest applications.

Every student at the Academy has an account with Unifrog and will be using it during Careers lessons. We are asking parents and carers to encourage their children to sign in and use it at home. Please see the attached presentation, video and letter which will provide you with all the information you need to access Unifrog. If you have any questions, please email ruth.turner@langleyacademy.


Introduction video to Unifrog

Unifrog Parent Letter

Unifrog Parent Presentation

Access Unifrog

Useful Websites

In addition to Unifrog, UCAS and Adviza please find below some other useful websites to help you discover the best career path for you. They have been put into categories but some crossover. Happy exploring!

Explore careers, Labour Market Information, find a course, find a job, find an apprenticeship.

National Career Service

Berkshire Opportunities

All About School Leavers


Not Going To Uni

Target Careers


Student Job

Work Finder

Youth Employment

Elevate Me (Berkshire)

Elevate Me (Slough)

Advice on careers and GCSE/A Level options, etc.

I Could

Success at School

Career Pilot

Take a career matching quiz or assess your skills

National Careers Service

All About School Leavers


I Could


Step in to the NHS

For Parents/Carers

Parental Guide

Online Learning Courses

Future Learn


Careers Tweets

@tlacareers - Mar 13
Thank our Careers Week Speakers Max Blanshard ; Terry Adlam ; Courtney Escudier & James Davidson for amazing talks on Networking; Creative Industries; working at the BofE & Workplace skills! https://t.co/fO5V4aCgCc
@tlacareers - Mar 13
Thank you for attending the Careers Fair on Friday. The students enjoyed your demonstrations and chatting to the crew! https://t.co/nwgNvHHMYU
@tlacareers - Mar 13
Thanks and the wonderful 20+exhibitors (some of whom are pictured below) who made our Careers Fair a success on Friday! https://t.co/Y5N7YZda6D
@tlacareers Retweeted
Careers in Eyecare
- Feb 27
@tlacareers - Feb 7
Canapes & mocktails, cookery demonstrations from Executive Chef Chris Hannon, Head Chef Piotr Lesnianski, Sushi Master Keiko Urakawa & Chef Director Louise Wagstaff Hospitality Taster Day. Yr9 Food tech students enjoyed it all. https://t.co/wpO2RV5pY2
@tlacareers - Jan 26
Students learnt about different jobs in the and the different routes in during our latest Scholars Club Talk, thanks to Ruben sharing his 20 years experience in the service! https://t.co/OuYxHOhmpE
@tlacareers Retweeted
Thames Valley Learning Partnership
- Jan 25
Apprenticeship event for students interested in 3D/4D modelling, civil engineering, construction management, quantity surveying. Mon 13 Feb 2023, 9am-1pm. https://t.co/muBmmbXabH
@tlacareers - Jan 25
Yr 10 thank Adam Strudwick of and for an interesting talk on his work with global companies, and the importance of sustainability and diversity in future careers in and https://t.co/ogWJpUKJND
@tlacareers Retweeted
Royal Aeronautical Society
- Jan 18
New content on Aerosociety! 'Tomorrow's Top Guns' https://t.co/SdzMhHhGjF https://t.co/sF2t8S7J9f
@tlacareers - Jan 17
Year 8 students exploring careers in the new Technicians gallery https://t.co/g50tml601d
@tlacareers - Dec 9
Curious about a career in the NHS? This is for you ... https://t.co/PZ6uChHTxn
@tlacareers - Dec 9
Want to find out more about a career in construction? https://t.co/3efy09IuCR
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National Careers
- Dec 9
🎄 Have you seen your dream career as we run down 2022's most popular profiles? ⚽ Maybe this next one is the one for you if you want a career that combines sports and teaching. Find out more about becoming a PE teacher 👇 https://t.co/hthnh1Op6Q https://t.co/GDdtDJ1sEg
@tlacareers - Nov 24
are very pleased to welcome Professor Simon Heales to our Scholars Club and thank him for a very interesting and engaging talk to students from Year 7, 10, 11 & 6th Form about chemistry and it’s use in diagnosis and treatment in childhood diseases. https://t.co/CB2iskOYzF
@tlacareers - Nov 17
thank Tom from for kicking off our Scholars Club talk with an enjoyable and informative Pathways To Property talk. https://t.co/dFQX8IPh0u
@tlacareers - Nov 14
Girls! Have you thought about a career in construction? https://t.co/i4KSgFOf0x
@tlacareers - Nov 14
Explore green careers! https://t.co/4kmJfCK4nF
@tlacareers - Nov 7
@tlacareers - Nov 7
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GirlsAreInvestors (GAIN)
- Nov 7
It's Week and we're excited to share lots of information with you about how you can have an alternative in the investment industry!
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