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6th formHead of Sixth Form Welcome

Thank you for choosing to find out more about The Langley Academy Sixth Form. We hope you find this website useful and informative.

Starting Sixth Form is an exciting time in a young person’s life. It is a time where students grow exponentially both personally and academically. Here at The Langley Academy, our aim is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to maximise your academic achievement and develop into the best person you can be. We are firm believers in the power of high expectations. We expect our students to be positive role models, to challenge themselves at every opportunity, and give unwavering commitment to their studies and own development. In order to facilitate this The Langley Academy has fantastic supportive staff, outstanding facilities and a range of A level and BTEC courses on offer that allow us to tailor provisions to individual needs in an environment that is fun, lively and energetic.

During your time at The Langley Academy, you will have the opportunity to develop your character, by participating in the range of extracurricular activities on offer including; work experience, community service, student leadership, Young Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh and lower school mentoring to name just a few. Building character and resilience is an important aspect of Sixth Form life at The Langley Academy, and students are all expected to get involved and take control of their own development over their time here.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your application.

Ms Hegarty
Assistant Headteacher

Latest Tweets

@LangleyAcademy - Jul 19
What a week! 👏Well done to all our students for raising over £1200 for Great Ormond Street Hospital 👏— The Langley Academy () July 19, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 19
Looking for a book to read this summer?🎉 Our book is out! 🎉 "Langley’s Adventurous Academy" features short stories written by our Langley Academy pupils. Get your copy on Amazon for just £4.99! 📚👉 Buy now for all your help— The Langley Academy () July 19, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 19
Here's the last newsletter of this academic year:- a safe and happy summer🌞— The Langley Academy () July 19, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 17
Congratulations to our talented TLA students at Langley’s Got Talent! Your amazing performances had the whole audience on its feet. From guitarists and soloists to dancers, you all shined! 🌟👏— The Arbib Education Trust () July 17, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 16
🎉 Well done to all our rowers! What an end to the season at Kingston Regatta: 5 crews in the quarters, 2 in the semis, and 4 race wins (3 Women’s J13 doubles, 1 Men’s J14 doubles). Amazing effort! 🚣‍♀️🏆— The Arbib Education Trust () July 16, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 15
Curious about the history of medicine? The , Europe's oldest surviving surgical theatre for female patients! We discovered how operations were done before anaesthetics, why speed was crucial, and the dangers of early chloroform.— The Arbib Education Trust () July 15, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 11
Which topic resonated most with you? From embracing discomfort and tackling Black hair struggles to exploring music and South Asian cultures, our speakers brought confidence and insight!— The Arbib Education Trust () July 11, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 9
Book Launch📚 Today, our students are launching their very own book with the help of our resident author . Our marketing and sales teams are now starting their campaign to get our book into as many hands as possible. Ready to dive in?— The Arbib Education Trust () July 9, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 5
Thank you for inspiring our students to pursue passions, stay curious, be resilient, stand out, and keep options open! part of the— The Arbib Education Trust () July 5, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 4
This week we welcomed our future Yr7s from 24 schools! Meeting new classmates, exploring their house team, and discovering the school? Highlights included a mini Olympics and fun Maths & English sessions! Looking forward to seeing you at summer school in August.— The Arbib Education Trust () July 4, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 3
Ensuring young voices are heard! , a key British value, works best when everyone contributes. We’ve explored the impact of voting and living with OUR choices. Meet our Year 12 candidates as they campaign and learn the importance of every vote.— The Arbib Education Trust () July 3, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jul 3
🌊 Year 12 students had an amazing fieldwork trip! They investigated how physical and human processes shape coastal morphology along Mudford Spit, Hengistbury Head, and three beaches down to Boscombe. 🏖️📚— The Arbib Education Trust () July 3, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jun 29
The countdown to the# LangleyCarnival on Sat, July 13 has begun! 🎉 Sixteen teddy bears are now hidden in shop windows along Langley High Street. Join the fun! Fill out the form & bring it to our stall for a chance to win! 🎁— The Arbib Education Trust () June 29, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jun 25
The stories are launching soon! Today, our Sales, Retail, Marketing, Media, and Events teams put the final touches on our book launch for 8th July. Big thanks to Seth for his invaluable help! Stay tuned— The Arbib Education Trust () June 25, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jun 24
Don't be a medium-sized cockroach! Advice from Sarah Lloyd at to Yr 7 students on our trip. They learned about adaptation, environment, and evolution, and met real Hissing Cockroaches! Chris Parkin showcased early electrostatic experiments.— The Arbib Education Trust () June 24, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jun 24
Last week's assemblies at TLA told the amazing and courageous story of Rob Burrow. Students were able to reflect on our school value of resilience and how Rob and his family were the epitome of resilience during his fight with— The Arbib Education Trust () June 24, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jun 19
Next Tuesday is YOUR day to ask the questions that matter to you! Join us at for one of the UK's only hustings for young people! 🙌🗓️ Date: Tuesday, 25th June🕡 Time: 6:30 PMBooking is essential! 📲— Together As One (Aik Saath) () June 19, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jun 19
Thank you to our amazing teachers, leaders, and support staff for everything you do every day. Today, throughout our schools we reflect on your incredible impact. A big congratulations to our nominees! 🙏— The Arbib Education Trust () June 19, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jun 13
Well done to Mr Evans and Mr Eshelby for completing a 24-hour race in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK! Amazing effort! Great example of determination and commitment for a fantastic cause 🏃‍♂️— The Arbib Education Trust () June 13, 2024
@LangleyAcademy - Jun 8
Thank you, Sir Steve Redgrave and Alan Campbell, for inspiring our future Olympic rowers with your incredible stories and passion for ! You have given our students a clear vision of what it takes to be an Olympic champion.— The Arbib Education Trust () June 8, 2024
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