Our Staff

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Leadership Team

Surname First Name Current Role
Lusuardi Alison Headteacher
Tattersall Simon Deputy Headteacher
Forman Clare Deputy Headteacher
Heales Jill Assistant Headteacher
Hegarty Nim Assistant Headteacher
Forth Aaron Assistant Headteacher
Jeyaratnam Nesan Assistant Headteacher
Bellis Sarah Associate Assistant Headteacher
Bevan Jennie Associate Assistant Headteacher
Malama-Smith Mulenga Associate Assistant Headteacher
Ralfs John Finance, Premises, ICT

Business, Economics & Computing

Surname First Name Current Role
Gill Phavandeep HOF
Forth Aaron Assistant Headteacher 
Jaswal Anita Teacher of Business
Bailey Jenny Teacher of Business
Rubio Gonzalez Ruth Head of MFL
Lusuardi Alison Headteacher
Blackford Mark Teacher of Computer Science
Kaur Amrit Teacher of Computer Science
Parkinson Charlotte Teacher of MFL
Dawkins Moira HLTA ICT

CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts)

Surname First Name Current Role
Stead Abi HoF
Brown Elizabeth Teacher of Art
Rider Mark Head of Art
Bennett Davina Teacher of Drama
Skowronek Justyna Teacher of Media
Hunter Iain Head of Music
Carty James Technician


Surname First Name Current Role
Bhaurth Dhiraj HoF
Todd Ed Teacher of Food Nutrition
Mill Marise Teacher of Textiles
McCallum Fredrick Teacher of DT
Kinch Sandra Technician ‐ Food
Volodin David DT Technician


Surname First Name Current Role
Martin Shane Acting HOF
Axford Gina HOF
Garland Paul 2i/c English
Chanter Katie 3i/c
White Harry Teacher of English
Savage Alan Teacher of English
Metchanka Desponia Teacher of English
Stritch Shane Teacher of English
Bury Adam Teacher of English
Dhami Simranpreet HLTA


Surname First Name Current Role
Kidd Tom HoF
Benjamin-Reid Daneeka Head of Religious Studies
McDonnell Danielle Teacher of RE and PSCHE
O’Shea Hazel Head of Geography
Chinchen Brett Teacher of History 
Ajayi Kofo Teacher of Geography
Ellis Julia Teacher of Humanities
Farooq Zara Teacher of Religious Studies


Surname First Name Current Role
Katsholo Crosby HoF
Murray Cusati Grazia Head of KS4 Maths
Budwal Maninder Teacher of Maths
Gupta Ashish Teacher of Maths
Salian Manish Teacher of Maths
Dave Vimal Teacher of Maths
Chaudhry Komal Teacher of Maths
Brisbourne Roisin Maths Academic Tutor / Teacher of Maths
Tung Tina Teacher of Maths
Jain Rupal Teacher of Maths


Surname First Name Current Role
Bellis Sarah HoF
Evans Jamie 2ic
Eshelby Michael Teacher of PE
Mackenzie Hannah Teacher of PE
Jeyaratnam Nesan Teacher of PE
Winch Amelia Teacher of PE/Science
Spilsbury Stuart Teacher of PE
Weare Nigel Director of Rowing


Surname First Name Current Role
Malama Smith  Mulenga HoF
Vinojan Keerthika 2ic
Heales Jill Assistant Headteacher
El‐Mamoun Nazik Teacher of Science
Sandell Joe Teacher of Science
Jamshad Raheela Teacher of Science
Hegarty Nim Assistant Headteacher
Winch Amelia Teacher of Science
Bevan Jennie Teacher of Science
Purewal Ramanpreet Teacher of Science 
Mann Meena Teacher of Science 
Henry Keroneque Teacher of Science 
Suki Mundra Teacher of Science 
Howard Sue Senior Technician
Pidgeon Andrew Technician
Chouhan Balvinder Technician
Hassan Aasia Science Academic Tutor
Ramesh Vidya HLTA Science

Social Sciences

Surname First Name Current Role
Khan Farah Acting HOF
Gonzalez Francesca HoF (Maternity Leave)
Enslin Susan Teacher of Social Sciences
Tank Chandni Teacher of Sociology
Tattersall Simon DHT
Blackmore Linda Teacher of Social Care 

Student Support

Surname First Name Current Role
Shepherd Velvet IC Manager
Bright Amanda SSM
Clark Norma SSM
Jones Harrison SSM
Bryan Natasha SSM
Afsar Sameera Academy Counsellor
Smart Sarah Family Liaison Officer
Richardson-Blake Nathelia Assistant Family Liaison Officer


Surname First Name Current Role
Matshazi Joseph SENCO
Ashraf Arusa Teacher of the Deaf – HRB
Russell Emily  Teacher of Princes Trust/SEND
Pikulak Sharon SSU Manager
Laider Paul LSA HRB
Boddy Barbara LSA
Gipps Carole LSA HRB
Naeem Rifqa LSA
Tung Tina LSA EAL and UQT Maths
Randhawa Suki LSA
Rhodes Philippa LSA
Apenyo Susana LSA HRB
Jain Rupal LSA and UQT
Skinner Matthew LSA/HRB
Anderson Marion LSA
Nasim Sobia LSA
Mata Juhi LSA
Zahir Sannah LSA

Cover Supervisors

Surname First Name Current Role
McCarthy Mary Cover Supervisor
Smith Natasha Cover Supervisor


Surname First Name Current Role
Donovan Mark Facilities Manager
Shaw Aidan Site Manager
Broderick Barry Deputy Site Manager
Belkahla Kamal Cleaner
Corne Dean Security
Dhillon Rajpreet Security
Ludlow Peter Cleaner
Morgan Joanne Cleaner
O’Keeffe Sohkid Cleaner
Pama Kulwinder Cleaner
Phelps Maureen Cleaner
Starr Maggie Cleaner
Stewart Emma Cleaner
Wongtai Jat Cleaner
Wright Sean Groundsman
Byrne Connor Site Assistant


Surname First Name Current Role
Birdi Kavita Administration - Office and Cover Manager
Bown Andrea Administration - Sims Manager
Chana Harjinder Administration ‐ 6th Form
Davies Penny Administration ‐ Admissions and SEND Officer & PA
Fenton Wendy Administration ‐ Receptionist
Howard Jo Administration ‐ Exams Officer
Jagdev Manjit Administration ‐ General
Kimberley Hattie Library Officer
Mackay Tara Administration ‐ PA to Headteacher and HR Assistant
Malai Alix Learning Resource Centre Assistant
Paris Denise Administration - Assistant Office Manager
Passmore Rosie Sixth Form Academic Mentor
Loi Preena Administration - Attendance Officer
Rudder Nigel Administration - Reprographics Manager 
Suri Jagroop SEND & Admissions Admin Assistant
Swainston Sharon Administration - PA to DHT and HT administrator
Turner Ruth Administration ‐ Careers Officer
Williams Antania Administration ‐ Receptionist & General

Latest Tweets

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TLA Careers
- Oct 7
@LangleyAcademy - Oct 7
Spits, Studland and Shell Bay beaches! Our Year 13 Geographers were lucky to go to Bournemouth to do their coastal fieldwork. They remained positive and determined despite unpredictable weather and were a credit to our school.
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
- Oct 7
Some Tapu Ae in the sun ☀️ Year 7 trying sports from all around the world, using transferable skills from more familiar sports such as Netball and Basketball
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
- Oct 7
Year 11 footballers lost 3-1 against St Joseph’s this afternoon. A good chance to practice as a team and take forward some areas to improve on
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
- Oct 6
Exploring the legacy of the Greeks – how they shaped our world with their inventions. Thank you to Carys The for bringing the Olympic Games and Greek mythology to life.
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
TLA Science Faculty
- Oct 5
Year 8 students using their knowledge on food testing to see what each food stuff contains 🥽
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
The Arbib Education Trust
- Oct 4
Our children have been exploring the Stone Age. Thank you to Anthony Brown for bringing the Stone Age to life. We discovered what people ate, what they wore and we took part in Stone Age past times in our own TLHP roundhouse
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
Thames Valley Learning Partnership
- Oct 4
event. 'Building a brand & the importance of black culture/hair' with speaker Mark Maciver. Thu 6th October, 8:45pm-9:45pm. Location: Eton College. Open to students from TVLP schools. Book by emailing
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
- Sep 30
Well done to our Year 8 team who won their home match 13-0! Great first fixture and a chance to stretch our legs!
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
- Sep 30
Our Year 10 team lost 2-1 with a last-minute goal scored against them away at Beechwood. Close match! We learn and move forwards ⚽️
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
TLA Science Faculty
- Sep 30
More advanced circuit investigations with our GCSE students looking at how the length of a wire effected their data readings
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
- Sep 29
Basketball seems a popular choice this year! 🏀 Lots of players for the casual lunch session and over 30 players for our after-school session with the coaches!
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
TLA Science Faculty
- Sep 29
Year 9 students enjoying trying some more methods of separating substances. Today we tried chromatography and observed distillation!
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
TLA Science Faculty
- Sep 28
Year 8 students created different circuits to investigate current and resistance. Students added motors, buzzers, cells and bulbs to see what impact this had on their circuit 💡
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The Arbib Education Trust
- Sep 27
Our students embraced . We explored: -European events and dates -Famous scientists and their country of origin -Interesting facts about places, events and language In addition to our ELD Bake off competition, raising money for
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
- Sep 27
Enrichment has been in full swing this week! Spaces at most of our clubs are now full, sign up quickly to grab the remaining places! 🏀⚽️🏓
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
The Arbib Education Trust
- Sep 26
Thank you to all the universities and companies that came to to share their wealth of experience and knowledge. A big thanks to Amelia Grigg for your presentation and all your tips on how to ‘shine’ .
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
Tom Sherrington
- Sep 26
Thanks to all my work partners this week.. and . So many great people in education. 👏🏼🙏🏼
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
TLA Science Faculty
- Sep 22
We’re kicking off the new term with some practice at separating mixtures! Our Year 9 chemists used filtration and evaporation to separate salt from ‘sea water’
@LangleyAcademy Retweeted
The Arbib Education Trust
- Sep 9
We are deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty The Queen. May she rest in peace. Our schools , and join our nation in mourning for our Queen and will continue to be inspired by her life of faith and service.
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