Exams Information

The Langley Academy strives to make the exams experience as stress-free as possible.  In order for students to familiarise themselves with exam conditions and hopefully reduce their anxiety, students begin to experience exams in formal conditions from Year 9 onwards.

We have attached various documents that we highly recommend you read which contain important information in order to gain an understanding of the exams process. However, should you need help or advice please do not hesitate to contact our Examinations Officer.

As students’ progress through the school their level of exposure to assessment builds in order to develop their confidence and readiness for examinations. This includes assessment weeks in Key Stage 3 and a series of mock exams in the exams hall in Key Stage 4 and 5 in preparation for public exams.

Ms J Howard
Examinations Officer 

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Examinations Process

Please read through the following documents which give detailed information about the examinations process at The Langley Academy including the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) guidance for students sitting exams. These documents must be read by students. Failure to follow the rules and regulations set out by JCQ can result in a student’s disqualification from exams.

Exams Information Booklet

Subject Exam Boards

Information For Candidates – Coursework Assessments

Information for Candidates – Non-Exam Assessments

Information for Candidates – Written Examinations

Preparing to Sit Your Exams Infographic

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice

JCQ Social Media Infographic