Year 6 into 7 Summer School Statement 2021


The Langley Academy ran a Summer School for incoming year 7 students for 5 days in the summer from Monday 9th August to Friday 13th August.  All incoming students were invited to attend, 183 students in total, 33 of these were eligible for pupil premium. We were delighted that in total 128 students attended of which 24 were pupil premium.

Students enjoyed a variety of experiences:

They met the Headteacher, Alison Lusuardi, the Raising Standards Leader for Year 7, Mr Spilsbury, the Head of Learning Support Mr Matshazi and the Assistant Headteacher in Charge of Admissions, Transition and Year 7, Mrs Heales.

Several other teachers from the Langley Academy Teaching Team supported students at breaks and for lunchtime activities and ran Numeracy classes - with the aim of familiarising students with sequencing work

Students rotated around activities such as martial arts, crafts, football, HiiT Sessions, rugby, an obstacle course, petting zoo and cooking which were run by an outside company called 360 Vision

Two poets, from the Aik Saath Charity in Slough, ran performance poetry sessions for all students

SEND students and Nurture Group students had slightly extended lunch breaks for the first three days to allow them to attend sessions aimed at literacy support and confidence building with members of our Learning Support Team. They also met Barklay - a Therapy Dog who comes in to sit with children when they read.

Breakfast and snacks were provided by 360 Vision for the students.

Lunch for all students was prepared by groups of students each day as part of their activities (it was delicious)

Students were all given a transition pack which included a T-Shirt in their Langley Academy house colours, a back pack and water bottle.

On Friday parents and carers were invited to the school, to see performances from students, the display of work produced during the week, see the petting zoo and to have lunch prepared by the students.

The overall cost of the summer school was £31,513.33.  This was funded entirely by the DfE Summer School Funding, no additional funds were received from parents and carers or any other additional sources.

The breakdown of costs is as follows: 

£22 050 .00  

360 Vision


This included visits before the event, planning, risk assessments, all staffing costs, delivery of sessions throughout each day, all materials, food for all students, breakfast, snacks and lunch, hire of the inflatable obstacle course and the petting zoo.


£ 3 350.00

360 Vision      

Packs for each child- Back-pack, T-Shirt in House Colours, Water Bottle, , a cap and recipe cards (for the healthy food they prepared each day) and conversation starters to share with parents.


£1 000.00

Aik Saath

Two performance poets for three days



The Langley Academy

Teachers and support staff wages