Remote Learning Resources


Our Approach to Remote Learning

As we have entered a new era where remote teaching has become a necessity, we have compiled a list of resources to support our students in their learning outside of The Academy. 

Resource list

BBC Bitesize provides excellent resources for all courses, broken down into year groups and subject areas so this is a good place to start if your child is not aware of the subject specific resources detailed below.

The following websites are recommended for a broad range of subjects and have been developed by experts to support children’s learning:

BBC Bitesize for KS3BBC Bitesize for KS4BBC Bitesize - Daily Lessons


As implied in the name, this resource is aimed at GCSE courses. The ‘Pods’ are 3-5 minute videos which explain key concepts and theory from a range of courses.

Khan Academy Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.

Subject Specific Resources – please click on the expandable sections below for some sites that faculties recommend.



​My Maths ​Pearson Active Learn

  • Dr Frost
  • MEI Integral
  • Pixi Maths
  • Corbett Maths
  • Maths Genie
  • Maths box
  • Maths bot





Communications (Computer Science)

Teach ICT​Quizlet

Communications (MFL)

Kerboodle Pearson Active Learn​Teach It Languages

Design & Technology