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CAPA (Art, Drama, Media, Music and Photography)


CAPA endeavours to empower students who are innovative, creative and resilient by delivering inspiring lessons, providing extra-curricular opportunities and developing cultural perspectives.

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CAPA Curriculum Map

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Compulsory at KS3, Art & Design is optional at both GCSE and A Level. While obviously progressing in technical difficulty and skill, all courses revolve around the elements of design, putting an emphasis on artist studies and independent thinking. While we cover a wide range of materials and techniques students at GCSE and A Level have the option to work in whatever medium they chose responding to their own independently selected briefs.

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Drama CAPADrama

Compulsory at KS3, Drama features all practical lessons focusing on the key elements of creating, performing and evaluating theatre. GCSE develops these skills further, but with added emphasis on analysis, written lessons are added to the extensive practical sessions. Students also get the opportunity to explore the fantastic technical elements like set, lighting and costume design. A Level is fully immersive with numerous theatre visits.

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Media CAPAMedia

Offered at GCSE and A Level, Media like other artistic subjects, consists largely of practical coursework. You will have the opportunity to study and work in a wide range of media platforms, including radio, television, websites and magazines. This is a subject where your opinion and personal viewpoint is as important as the many theorists and theories you will study.

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MusicMusic CAPA

Music is compulsory at KS3 and can be selected at both GCSE and A Level. The curriculum is designed in order to immerse the students in the three musical skills – performing, listening & appraising and composition.  Students experience music-making in popular, classical and world music styles, as well as new styles in Film Music. Students have access to both a modern recording studio and the latest composition packages in our iMac suite.

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Photogrpahy CAPAPhotography

Currently Photography is only offered at A Level, but gives students the opportunity to develop their creativity, while providing raw skills required in the creative industry. A Level Photography uses the same marking criteria as A Level Art, also using a 60/40% coursework/Exam split. The first year is run like a foundation consisting of a number of short projects designed to teach students the core skills they need to achieve in their second, assessed and final year.