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We believe that every child can learn mathematics, given the appropriate rich and varied learning experiences within and beyond the classroom. Our curriculum map reflects our high expectations for every child. Every student is entitled to master the key mathematical content for their age, by receiving the support and challenge they specifically need.

Our curriculum has the key principles of deeper understanding, Mathematic thinking and Mathematical Language. Alongside these principles problem solving is at the heart of mathematics. By structuring our curriculum so that all students in a year group are learning the same content at the same time, they have longer to focus on each topic. Our aim is to create the optimal conditions for students to learn through problem solving and to learn to solve problems to develop lifelong transferable skills. Throughout our curriculum we also aim to ensure our pupils gain a love and appreciation for all the mathematics around them and will fully enjoy mathematics.

we use active and involving teaching approaches that encourage pupils to represent concepts in a variety of different ways using both objects and pictures

  • we actively encourage reflection on learning
  • we use rich questioning and discussion
  • we take time over each new concept
  • we focus on using and applying skills in order to extend mathematical knowledge
  • we identify misconceptions as starting places for concept building
  • we are responsive to the needs of each pupil and allow additional time before moving on when required
  • we ensure that students enjoy challenging maths
  • our students use a range of independent learning strategies

The curriculum embraces the Museum Learning ethos within the school and students have opportunities for extra-curricular activities to support their learning.

Our vision is to provide all students with a rewarding and enjoyable experience of Mathematics. We will prepare students to become confident, numerate individuals who are able to deal with all aspects of mathematics in their chosen career and in all aspects of their adult life.

This will be accomplished through our commitment to excellent teaching, a well-designed curriculum with an interesting variety of lessons to motivate and engage all students. We have high expectations of all students so that they will recognise and achieve their full potential. We hope that students will develop their own skills in analysis, reasoning, creativity, collaboration and self-evaluation so that they can meet the mathematical problems they face with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm.

We believe in a rich and varied experience for all our learners that nurtures prepares one for life beyond the school curriculum.

The Mathematics Department consists of a diverse team with collectively broad experiences beyond Mathematics learning which helps foster better support for students. Throughout our curriculum we aim to ensure our pupils gain a love and appreciation for all the mathematics around them and will fully enjoy mathematics.

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